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Last updated: 13 September 2021

1. Introduction

These Terms and conditions (“Terms“) is a legal agreement between “you / user” and “us / we / our / Roven Images“. These Terms and conditions are intended to set the rights and obligations between you and us. These Terms refer to everything that we offer: website and services we provide (“Service“).

Roven Images is a photo sharing platform for free to use.

Roven Images is the owner of rovenimages.com “Website”.

Content” is made up of all the images that are uploaded by you on the rovenimages.com Website. The images that you upload are all available under the Roven Images License.

These Terms apply to all users of our Website: photographers, users, visitors or anyone else who uses our Services.

Please read the Terms and conditions carefully when you want to register on our Website. If you do not agree with the content of these Terms, please do not create an account and do not use our Services. If you have already created an account on our Website and you do not agree with the Terms, please stop using our Service immediately.

We reserve the right to modify and adapt these Terms at any time and without providing a justification. The changing Terms can be seen on our Website. If you do not agree with the change we have made to the Terms, you may at any time cease to use our Website and delete your account. We will consider that you have accepted the new provisions of the Terms if you continue to use our Website.

By accessing and using our Website and services you agree and accept these Terms.

2. Eligibility

Our Service is created for the use of people who are older than 18 years old.

You can still use our Service if you are not yet 18 years old but we need your parents consent for this.

3. Registration and accounts

You have the opportunity to create an account on our Website for free. We recommend that you create an account because this way you will be able to access special features that visitors without an account will not be able to use. The purpose for which you create an account on our Website is to upload photos or participate in contests that we organize.

When you create and account you are responsible to provide your real and complete information. By any matter, if we find that you did not respect this aspect of the Terms, we will immediately close your account.

A name that is not lawfully available to use cannot be used as a username. A name of a trademark cannot be used as a username either. The use of obscene or offensive words in the username is not allowed.

We do not have access to your password of the account so you are responsible to keep it secret. You are responsible for keeping safe and confidential the password with which you registered on our Website. You will have to inform us immediately at contact@rovenimages.com if you have noticed a security breach or strange activity of using your account.

The moment you registered on our Website, you and we entered into a contract for the use of the Website and Services. We reserve the right to refuse registration to a user without giving any reason.

Our Service will not be available for the users that were removed by us.

Registration information that you provide us will be governed by our Privacy Policy.

4. Uploading content

You can use our Service of uploading images for free.

You are solely responsible for your Content and any consequences that occur because you’ve uploaded or posted the Content on our Website.

When uploading Content to our website, you grant Roven Images and its users an irrevocable and royalty-free licence to use, download, copy, modify or adapt, the Content. The Content can be used for both commercial and personal purpose.  Your Content will be made available to the public for personal and commercial use. No attribution or compensation shall be provided for the Content.

You can upload your content on our website. Please note that you are responsible for the legality of the content. Uploading your content on our website you agree with the Roven Images License. If you have any concerns regarding the license do not use our website.

You are solely responsible for your Content and any consequences that occur because you’ve uploaded or posted the Content on our Website.

With respect to the content you upload on our Website you must:

  • have the right to use the content and you own it
  • warrant that you are the creator of the content
  • warrant that we don’t need to obtain licenses from third party
  • warrant that we don’t need to pay a compensation or royalties to third party
  • warrant that it doesn’t infringe third party rights (including copyright, intellectual property rights, right of publicity, morl rights, privacy rights, rights of personality, name rights)
  • warrant that it complies with our Terms and all laws

Photos that are uploaded on our website are revised by our team. Please check our upload guidelines here: https://rovenimages.com/upload-guidelines/. We reserve the right to remove or reject any Content at any time, for any reason, if we consider it is low quality or it violates our Terms.

If it is necessary please provide Model or Property Release or any other permissions needed.

Even though we do our best to have all the content properly reviewed, you are responsible for the abuse of any content. This implies also that we can remove any material if violates these Terms of service, if we receive any legal documents regarding a specific content, violating any law.

You are not allowed to:

  • copy images from other sites and upload them on rovenimages.com
  • copy and upload to your account images that belong to other rovenimages.com users
  • upload pornographic, defamatory, racist, vulgar or obscene content
  • offend or harrase Roven Images or other users of the Website
  • violate any law
  • upload content that infinges third party copyright

5. Content License

Content on our website is made available to you under Roven Images License.

The Content you upload can be hosted, used, downloaded, copied, distributed, modified, performed and adapted for both personal and commercial purposes ( in any media formats and on any media channels).

You may download and use images from our Website in accordance with our license.

We do our best to provide beautiful and free photos. Although images go through a review process some of them need additional copyrights permissions: property release, trademarks etc.

You are not allowed to compile images from our Website and upload them on a similar service.

Please be aware that our license doesn’t give you the right to use:

  • trademarks, logos or brands that are visible in images
  • images of people, if they are recognizable
  • works of art that are recongnizable

For these above you may need the permission of the brand, artist or individual.

6. Contests and Promotions

Occasionally we organize Contests and Promotions on our Website. Each of these has its own terms and conditions that will be displayed on the Website when applicable.

In the event of a contest that will be available on our website, the contest will not be governed by these Terms and will have a set of rules that will be available during the contest, on the contest page.

Prizes from Contests and Promotions cannot be changed for cash or other products/services. We reserve the right to modify or replace the prizes of promotions and contests.

7. Model release

If there are recognizable individuals in the uploaded images, a model release is required for each person. There is no way that RovenImages can control all the photos that are uploaded to the website and where people appear. It is the responsibility of the photographer obtaining a model release.

If there is a doubt when using a photo where people appear, we recommend reaching out to the photographer via the contact section on the photographers subdomain (https://username.rovenimages.com/contact) to clarify whether they have a model release.

RovenImages’s blank release forms are available here:

The following information is required:

  • Photographer’s full name
  • Model’s full name, birth date, signature, full address or e-mail address
  • Witness’s full name, birth date, signature, full address or e-mail address
  • Date

Please note that model releases for minors require the consent of a parent of the minor.

If you are shooting on private property be sure to obtain a property release from the owner of the property, in order to avoid issues with licensing your image.

8. Infringements

If you have noticed on our Website a case in which any content contains a violation of the law, please let us know at the email address contact@rovenimages.com.

If you are the copyright holder of the content uploaded to our Website and you believe that your copyrights are infringed, please notify us at contact@rovenimages.com.

9. Termination of use

We reserve the right to refuse to publish content and to delete content that is already published on our Website.

If you want to close your account please make it from your account settings: https://rovenimages.com/settings/delete/

If we discover that you violated these Terms we will close your account immediately, without notice.

Suspension of the account can be lifted if you do not prove that it was not a violation of the Terms. If this proof is not provided, we may delete the account and all its Content.

10. Changing the Terms

This Terms of service can be modified without prior notice at our discretion whenever we consider necessary.

We will make efforts o inform you about the changes through emails or website banners.

If you do not agree with the changes we make to these Terms, you may close your account and terminate your access to the Website.

If there are disputes regarding the Terms, they will be resolved in accordance with the version that was in use at the time the dispute arose.

11. Disclaimer

The website content and website services are provided without any warranties. We are not responsible if the website has errors, has down time or any other problems.

The use of the Website is at your own risk. The Website is offered to you on an “as is” and “as available” basis.

We do not warrant that the Website will always be uninterrupted, current, secure, error-free or suitable for use for any particular purpose.

Roven Images does not warrant that the content that our users upload is correct or complete. The presence of the links to other websites that our users insert in our Website do not mean that we recommend those links and that we agree with the content to which they direct. If we become aware of any violations of the law by the content, we will immediately delete that content.

We are not responsible for advertising of third parties that is published on our website.

12. Contact Us

If you have any questions, please read our FAQ page or contact us.

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