Upload guidelines - Roven Images

1Technical Standards

  • Minimum resolution: 1920px on any side
  • Maximum resolution: 7000px on any side
  • Maximum DPI : 300
  • Maximum file size : 64MB
  • Accepted file types: JPG, PNG

2Image name

  • Must precisely describe the image, to help visitors in finding what they need
  • Should always be relevant
  • Should start with a capital letter
  • Should not contain ALL CAPS
  • Should not contain only lower case
  • Should not contain offensive words

3Image description

  • Must precisely describe the image
  • Should always be relevant


  • Use lower case tags, separated by commas
  • Should be correctly spelled
  • Should be relevant to the image it is applied to

5Image content

  • We do not accept obscene, defamatory content
  • No violence or cruelties allowed
  • If you have a set of similar images, please choose only one of them
  • Don’t upload blurred, or unclear photos
  • Avoid jpeg artifacts or noise
  • Don’t use text or watermarks on your images
  • Keep a good camera angle, and don’t over doo effects


  • Upload only images you have exclusively created
  • Do not copy images from other sites and upload them on rovenimages.com
  • Do not copy and upload to your account images that belong to other rovenimages.com users
  • Do not upload to your account images that are purchased


  • Provide at least one relevant category. Holding down the CTRL key or the Shift key as you click a category, allows you to select more than one.

8Usually a good practice is to avoid jpeg artifacts

JPEG artifacts appear after over compressing an image.

9The following photo presents extreme image noise

This usually happens when using incorect camera settings in low light

10Example of an unclear image

One reason for this, is enlargement of a smaller image

11Blurred photos are a no go

Get your focus on the objects of interest in your composition

12Any text over the image should be avoided

Don’t include time stamps, your name, or any copyright marks.

13Avoid crooked camera angles

If you have a tripod, use it. If not, you can align the picture by software

14Avoid over editing

Avoid image effects, vignetting, borders, or anything that will deteriorate the image

15Isolating objects

Only isolate an object, if you have the skills to do it properly

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