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Nqaba Hadebe

Photos: 6
Downloads: 21

About Me

Passionate about my craft.

Nothing beats a still picture of a precious moment.

Precise and professional

Personal Info

  • City
  • Pictures
  • Active
    8 months
  • Pricing
    from R250

Work Experience

Started shooting in 2016

7 years of experience combined with pure talent.

currently working on my studio

indoor and outdoor photography

graduation shoot

Adult & Kids birthday party shoot

traditional wedding ceremony

Street photography

studio shoots

Nude Photography

our work is on @l.s.d_productions

as well as our separate divisions @star_motions & @lunation_pictures

Social Media


  • Camera
    Canon 20D
    Canon 40D
  • Lens
    Canon 18mm - 55mm
    Canon sigma 70-300mm

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